The Nihilist’s Present

“I only drink liquids that perform a function,” he said, “that alter my state of being.” This means wine in the morning–morning meaning upon waking at 5 PM–and coffee at night–night being the early morning hours, when one needs to prolong his intoxication.

And shun water: its purpose is too neutral, a simple self-preservation. We don’t just want to be alive, we want to live in states of consciousness where our actions don’t seem to break the world’s rules and our bodies are made to feel more of something we like and less of something we don’t. And shun solid food: our caloric needs are met by fermented grapes and pasteurized cream.

Physical health takes the backseat to spiritual health. We aim to nourish and elevate the sensation of this moment. When tomorrow is not guaranteed, we are naturally not concerned with carrying our bodies through to the next day, but with lightening the weight of their past in the present.


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