Just Listen

Today we discussed Iris Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression” in my Theories of Justice class. It’s groundbreaking work for many reasons, I think, primarily because it does such an expert job of systematizing the different facets of oppression while also revealing the complexity and intersectionality of identity. There’s a PDF of it online, if you are inclined to read it. I’m posting here not so much to sell you the essay, though, as to share a song by Built to Spill, titled “Out of Site”:

I have listened to this song for years and have always reacted to it with more emotional expenditure than is brave to admit, but it came up on shuffle today after my class and it was suddenly loaded with new intellectual connotations and social insights. My mind connected it directly with Young’s assertions about structural oppression. I’ll share both the article and the song here, to hopefully conjure a similar reaction in you:

Young: http://www.racialequitytools.org/resourcefiles/young.pdf

B2S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFFegMYbLRo


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