The Time Will Come

A poem written in 1961 by Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, translated in 2012 by me. The Albanian title is “Do te vije koha.”


The time will come

When we never again see each-other.

I will forget the girl from the North,

You fill forget the foreigner from the distant Balkans.

Like the waves that forget the stone they scour,

While searching for other, crystal, shores.


Only now and then

On the surface of the brilliant waves,

Will reflexively palpitate

The scoured stone’s reflection.


3 comments on “The Time Will Come

  1. LuluBell says:

    Sometimes you read a poem at exactly the right time in your life.
    So thank you, for translating this. It’s beautiful.

  2. Good poem. It would be nice to know more about the author. Is he a friend of yours?

  3. Marisola says:


    I think the poem is rather good, too. Kadare is a (and perhaps the only) well-known late 20th century Albanian writer. He wrote most of his poetry and prose while Albania was communist and isolated, and though his work suffered from the given censorships of that, I think it is still politically insightful without being overtly critical of the regime. Here’s a good article on him:

    I also plan on translating more of his poetry in the future and posting some of it here. Thanks for the interest!

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