Top of the Mountain

This picture (not taken by me) captures a moment from one of my favorite days with Worcester folks.

On our way to Mount Monadnock:
Driving in Dan’s car listening to The Feelies.
Getting coffee at a roadside diner in Princeton.
Stopping at the graveyard along the way.
Sweating our way up to the top, to take this picture (not all of us made it up there).
Getting Mexican food and going back to Forbes to play with a naked cat.

If only we had taken a picture to commemorate the night we climbed boulders at 2 in the morning. My phone lost and then miraculously found between the cracks by Matt C.

And the day we walked the length of the river, in the river, with our pants rolled up, me wearing Matt Z.’s shoes. Stopping at Leroy’s Attic to buy junk, and then the donut shop.

Or that weekend in Northampton with Annie, Dan, Kelley and Elena: Motown dance night and waterfalls. And of course the sex toy shop (is it really safe to use glittery lube?).

I remembered all this today after meeting someone in Milwaukee who knows Mike. And also because, spending most of my days now sitting with compressed shoulders and crossed legs, remembered how exhilarating it was to do outdoor things.


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